Marrying a foreigner in Lviv

How to get married to a foreigner in Lviv?

Lviv Express Marriage is a law firm that will help you register a marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine.

Qualified lawyers with many years of experience work for you. We provide legal support at every stage of the marriage procedure.

Over the years, we have helped create more than 100 families who have received the marriage certificates.

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Registration of marriage with a foreign citizen in Lviv

Preparation of documents

Our expert will prepare all necessary documents, verificate them and make the notarized translation .

Submission of documents

We will accompany you during the personal submission of documents to a government agency for their further consideration.

Obtaining the documents

Registration and obtaining a marriage certificate, its translation and legalization for a foreign country.

Documents for a marriage of foreigners in Ukraine

Preparation of the necessary package of documents is one of the most important stages of the marriage with Ukrainian woman. For making the all procedure easy and pleasant we recommend to use the support of the qualified lawyers. Because in this case, any mistake or incorrectness can lead to the suspension of the procedure or its delay for a long time.

We care about you in every stage of the marriage procedure making the translations and certifications of foreign documents by ourselves. All documents are thoroughly checked by a highly qualified lawyer before submitting them to the registry office. Forget about queues and visiting different agencies. We do our best for you.

So in order to marry Ukrainian women or men you need:


Documents for crossing the border from the couple

Divorce decision

If some of couple has been married before


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible. To obtain a permanent residence permit, you must be married with Ukrainian girl longer than 2 years. And to obtain a temporary residence permit requires a legal being in Ukraine and a package of necessary documents. Our migration lawyers will be able to assist you in obtaining residence permit.

As a general rule, the  marriage can be registered within 1 month. Also in Ukraine the service “Marriage for days” is available, using which it is possible to receive the marriage certificate really within several days. For foreigners, this period is a bit longer, as it takes time for the Migration Service to check your legally being in Ukraine. Our specialists will take care to shorten this period for your quick marriage with a Ukrainian man or woman.

The extension of the previous marriage must be documented. Thus, the confirmation of this can be represented with a court or a marriage certificate, a death certificate of one of the people, etc. If such documents are submitted by the foreigners, they must be legalized and apostilled in the countries of their issuance, translated and notarized in Ukraine. There are many nuances in the preparation of such documents, due to which marrying a Ukrainian citizen will be impossible.

Conditionally – yes, but the collection of all documents and certificates, the passage of all procedures can take about 2 weeks. Only after that you can get married in 24 hours. However, our lawyers will help reduce this time and the whole procedure will take 2-3 working days.

The ceremonial registration of the marriage will take place in the Lviv city department of the registry office. The couple can also bring wedding attributes: wedding rings, glasses, champagne, a box of candy. The wedding ceremony will take place in a beautiful hall under the Mendelssohn March and will last 15-20 minutes.

Since 2016, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has introduced a simplified marriage procedure, which is called “Marriage in a day.” This service has gained popularity among foreigners who do not have the opportunity to wait months and collect a large number of documents to finally get married a Ukrainian women.

Steps to marry a foreigner is most often concluded with the assistance of lawyers. Because the legal support of our specialists guarantees you the fastest receiving of a marriage certificate.

Our lawyers will prepare all the necessary documents, accompany the couple to the registry office and monitor all the procedure of marriage registration with a foreigner. Just enjoy the happiest day of your life, because we take care of its preparation.

Moreover our migration lawyers will be able to provide you with comprehensive consultation and help to marry a foreigner on a tourist visa and with in obtaining a temporary (permanent) residence permit in Ukraine.

Feedback from our customers

Шлюб за добу з іноземцем Львів
I am Mexican and my wife is Polish. However, it so happened that we decided to get married in Lviv, using the service "marriage in a day". Thank you Lviv Express Marriage for the quick service and all the accompanying help. They organized all the procedures so we received our marriage certificates in just 4 days. It is awesome! I am so happy that I found you.
Одружитися з іноземцем за 1 добу
I live permanently in Poland and firstly planned to get married in my husband's country. However, the huge number of documents and long waiting times forced us to change our plans. So in just a few days I was able to get marry a foreigner in Lviv and get a translation of our marriage certificate. We thank the Lviv Express Marriage team very much for their quick work.
Одружитися з іноземцем за добу
I am a foreign student and my fiancé is a US citizen. As we did not have the opportunity to deal with the marriage procedure in Ukraine, we turned to Lviv Express Marriage. They prepared all the documents, helped with obtaining a marriage certificate, its translation and getting an apostille. Thank you so much for organizing the whole marriage process for us.

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